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It is worth considering at this point the factors that are important when considering which basic method suits your situation the best.

Linen towels whilst being traditionally accepted in the market-place have major disadvantages. The cleanliness of the towels is suspect, you rarely receive the same towels back. They do run out and frequently need changing and you have to contract for so many towels per week over a long period. Hospitals rarely use linen towels.


Hand Towels

You are tied to the dispenser to dry your hands - a problem in busy periods.

Hot Air Machines have a high initial capital cost, and require a specific power source controlled from outside the washroom area. They do break down or blow cold air. To dry your face is not a pleasant experience. Many reports cause for concern the hygiene aspects of this system. Not all germs are eradicated by the hot air, some are dispersed into the atmosphere. Look below a hot air machine at the discolouration of the surface. Again the queuing factor comes into play.


Paper towels can cause litter if you don't provide adequate waste bins. However, this potential disadvantage is more than offset by the many advantages paper can offer.


  • No capital outlay

  • No special power source

  • Every sheet of paper is a clean first time use.

  • People can step away to dry their hands - no queuing.

  • No contracts (unless you want to)

  • A variety of qualities and styles available.

  • Does not need to run out.

  • Predominately used in hospitals.

  • You only use what you order and pay for.

  • And it’s not unpleasant to dry your face.



All in all, we feel that paper is the best (then we would say that wouldn't we). We can offer you all styles and qualities available at the most competitive of prices.


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