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Environmental Policy
  Environmental Policy  ( From one of our major suppliers)  

Based on our longstanding respect for both natural biodiversity and co-existent communities, we have established an environmental policy that goes beyond compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. Recognising its responsibilities to develop sustainable working practices, it is working with others to support scientific research that allows ever more accurate assessment and understanding of environmental impact. In establishing a company-wide culture that embraces this increasing knowledge base and in conjunction with outside interest groups, it is actively disseminating that information to all parts of the organisation and its suppliers. Accountability is found at both the operational level in the mills and plant sites and at the corporate level by representation on the main Board of Directors. We recognise and acknowledge this privileged position and will continue to strive for further excellence in developing economic growth that embraces well managed and well resourced environmental protection.


Forestry Policy  ( From one of our major suppliers)

Protection of the forest resource is key to its long term productivity. The challenge is to manage the forest’s multiple uses in a sympathetic and scientific manner so preserving its natural richness of habitat whilst ensuring an efficient supply of fibre to the mills. We have met this challenge by instigating a general policy of regulation compliance across the business, but coupled it with the micro management of individual sites under it aegis. Thus each site is evaluated for its own sustainability and then ecologically sound silviculture and harvesting techniques can be applied to ensure the very best standards of forestry management are be applied.


Quality policy  ( From Nationwide Paper Traders Ltd)

We aim to provide products and services which consistently meet the needs of the customer and which are continually improved in terms of quality and reliability within specified and agreed requirements, and are produced by suppliers within the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000. Our suppliers are regularly audited every six months by BSI. Wherever possible we purchase from members of the CHSA Soft Tissue Accreditation Scheme, who commit to the accurate labelling of all products with dimensional information which matches the specification of the product inside the pack. Compliance with the Scheme’s standard is monitored by an independent inspector who makes regular unannounced visits to the mills and converting plants.


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