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Generally speaking, washroom systems offer a co-ordinated range where soap is an integral part. In simple terms you have three options. The first is conventional tablet of soap, supplied in a variety of qualities. We will not attempt here to persuade you towards a specific brand. Tablet soap is messy, unhygienic and extremely wasteful when supplied in a non-domestic situation.

Next to consider is a bulk fill dispenser. Soap in varying qualities is supplied in a 5 litre container which is then decanted in a dispenser that holds 500ml to 1 litre of soap. Again this is a messy system as the operative has to be pretty good not to spill, what is a heavy container.

Soap supplies

By far the best, in our opinion, is a cartridge system. Soap is supplied in bottles/cartridges/bags for use in a specific dispenser. Whichever you opt for, there can be no doubt that this is the most convenient, practical and economic way for staff and visitors to wash their hands. We have a 600ml cartridge that dispenses 1500 portions of a quality foam soap.


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